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The Koata Hātepe | Regulatory Processes Committee has responsibility for: 1. Naming places in accordance with the naming policy, except for regionally significant decisions. 2. Development contribution remissions. 3. Leases, licences, and easements. 4. Objections to classifications under the Dog Control Act 1996. 5. Suburb boundaries. 6. Traffic resolutions. 7. Temporary road closures. 8. Road stopping. 9. Approving the list of Resource Management Act commissioners and the associated appointment guidelines.


  • Councillor Sarah Free
Deputy chair
  • Councillor Ben McNulty
All members
  • Councillor Diane Calvert
  • Councillor Geordie Rogers
  • Pouiwi Liz Kelly
  • Councillor Nureddin Abdurahman
  • Councillor Ray Chung
  • Mayor Tory Whanau

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